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That Gay Boy Sitting Next To You
Look at the gay boy sitting next to you,
the one who you kick, physically torture and verbally abuse.
Look at his eyes that were once vibrant with life,
and keep in mind that you and your friend's were the one who stole his light.
You called him a sin  and condemned him to hell,
every day he walked through the school doors, he was greeted with your intolerant yells.
With your injustice , you treated him as terribly as you pleased,
and when you were through with your torment, you treated him like some sort of disease.
Was religion your actual excuse to act like an ass,
or was there something that you refused to see past?
Because that gay boy who sits next you daily in class,
is the one who knows your present, future and past.
He knows where bullies come from, so don't hide fully behind Christianity.
Because when you go home, you yourself are showered with profanities.
The same fist you used to beat the blue eyed boy,
is the same fist that your father uses to wring around your neck
:iconlidsworth:lidsworth 211 221
Mature content
The Gay Teen's Story - Yaoi :iconharvestreaper:HarvestReaper 247 217
I'm Gay, A Frerard, Chapter 5
He shook his head, not looking at me. I touched my hand to his back tentatively, letting it rest there when he didn't pull away.
"Gerard," I started, but then I stopped. What could I tell him to make him feel better? I had no idea, "I really don't know what to say. I mean, it's as big a shock to me as it is to you. I cou -"
"It's just that everything's happening all at once," he cut in, "I'm really confused."
He looked up at me, eyes shining with tears, "Frankie, I have... I have something to tell you. I - you, I mean... here."
He leaned forwards and pressed his lips against mine gently. He pulled away, biting his lip.
I was speechless. So Gerard did like me like that. I must have given him the wrong impression, though, as he moved away.
"Sorry Frankie, I -"
"No. Don't be." I smiled at him, "Gerard, I feel the same."
He looked up at me and smiled.
"Guys!" Bob called, "They're letting us see Ray now! He's gonna be okay!"
I grinned at Gerard. He laughed, holding
:iconxfrerardlivesonx:xFrerardLivesONx 116 146
I'm Gay, A Frerard, Chapter 4
I woke up to the sound of my mobile ringing.
"Frank?" I heard Bob ask, "Where the Hell are you?" I checked my clock. Damn, it was past ten in the morning! Why hadn't I heard my alarm? I must have forgotten to set it last night.
"Er, in bed. My alarm didn't go off."
"Well come to school quickly!"
"Okay, okay!" What was up with him?
When I got to school it was already lunchtime. Yeah, I know. I had a problem finding clean clothes.
"There he is!" shouted Mikey to Bob and Gerard. I walked over to them and frowned,
"Where's Ray?"
"That's the problem; we don't know!" exclaimed Bob. "We think something's happened to him."
As soon as school finished we called Ray's mobile. When he didn't answer, we called his home phone number. His mother answered.
"H-hello?" she sounded like she had been crying.
"Mrs Toro?" I asked - we were calling on my phone, "Is Ray okay?"
She sobbed. "No. He-he - come over to the hospital and I... I'll talk to you there. I just came home to get some sleep, b-but I
:iconxfrerardlivesonx:xFrerardLivesONx 120 109
I'm Gay, A Frerard, Chapter 3
The next morning I woke up at around 8:47 am, and I realised I was going to be late for school. I cursed and got ready. I tried brushing my brown hair, but in the end just decided to leave it and headed to school.
When I finally arrived, the bell hadn't rung yet, so I walked over to Bob and Gerard.
"Hey," I greeted, "Where're Mikey and Ray?"
Gerard shrugged, "As far as I know, they're tired from that other party they went to last night. That's what Mikey told me."
Bob laughed. "They shouldn't have gone. We had loads of fun at Frank's party."
"Yeah," Gerard said, smiling to himself, "Yeah, we did."
We heard the bell ring and headed to our first class.
At lunch, I sat with Gerard and Bob outside under a tree. We had been talking about our classes and homework, when Bob stood up.
"I just remembered," he said, "I need to go meet Sarah inside today. I'll see you after school, 'kay?"
We nodded and he left. Sarah was Bob's girlfriend. She was nice, but we just never hung out with her. Not
:iconxfrerardlivesonx:xFrerardLivesONx 102 39
I'm Gay, A Frerard, Chapter 2
There were halloween decorations everywhere; jack-o-lanterns were sitting on the front porch and cobwebs covered most of the windows. I was sitting in the lounge when the doorbell rang. I rushed over to answer it to find my four best friends standing there. I invited them in and fetched them all drinks.
I sat down between my closest friend, Gerard Way, and his younger brother Mikey. Mikey needed to wear glasses, because his eyesight wasn't too good. He was good-looking though. He was seventeen, like me. Gerard, however, was beautiful. He had long black hair and beautiful golden-hazel coloured eyes. He was dressed as a vampire for the occasion, of course. He was half a year older than me. He's been my friend longer than anyone else has. Oh yeah, I'm also in love with him. But he has a girlfriend. It's kind of awkward, really. I know it's not just some crush, because I've had these feelings for him for the last two years now.
"Hey Frank! You gonna open your presents now?" A blonde boy ca
:iconxfrerardlivesonx:xFrerardLivesONx 118 33
I'm Gay, A Frerard, Chapter 1
"Mum, Dad, I'm gay"
I watched as my mother's face contorted into a series of different expressions, from mild surprise to understanding to disappointment. My father, on the other hand, looked like he was having a hard time trying not to explode.
"No." he stated firmly through gritted teeth. "My son - my only son - is not... gay." He stood up and nodded his head, as if to confirm that his statement was true.
I was worried that this would happen. My father had never been too accepting of homosexuals. "Yes Dad, I am. I'm sorry if y-"
"Don't you DARE talk back to me!" he cut me off. "We have to do something about this. I will not have a queer living under my roof!"
I was as disgusted at him as he appeared to be at me. "Maybe I'll move out then!" I snarled.
My father laughed at this. "Yeah, go live with your boyfriend, Frank!"
"You know what? I think I will! At least he cares about me!"
Ha. He didn't see that one coming. I smirked to myself.
:iconxfrerardlivesonx:xFrerardLivesONx 211 76
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